When it comes to hosting successful events, seamless ticketing and access management are crucial elements. In this customer highlight blog post, we’re thrilled to share the story of Mathew Braidley Pianos Presents Concert Series featuring Jon Cheney – a heartwarming Christmas performance that not only delighted the audience but also showcased the power of Velocity Access ticketing software.

On a magical evening, attendees gathered to enjoy the enchanting melodies of Jon Cheney. With selections from his Christmas albums “Softly Christmas” and “Christmas,” as well as some mesmerizing unreleased pieces, Jon transported the audience to a world of musical wonder. Having composed and arranged music for over three decades, Jon Cheney possesses a unique touch on the piano that makes even the most challenging pieces sound effortless. But it’s not just his skill that sets him apart; it’s his mission to bring peace and light into the world through music. Christmas music holds a special place in Jon’s heart, and he loves sharing its magic with the world. This event was indeed suitable for all ages, making it a memorable experience for families and music enthusiasts alike.

To ensure a smooth and welcoming experience for attendees, Mathew Braidley Pianos Presents Concert Series turned to Velocity Access ticketing software. Leveraging the iOS Velocity Access QR Code Scanning App, event organizers were able to streamline the check-in process. What made this event truly special was the use of manual check-ins. Instead of burdening attendees with the task of presenting their physical tickets, the organizers opted for a more personal approach. They simply searched for attendees’ names and marked them as in attendance, creating a friendly and hassle-free entry process.

Even those who needed to purchase additional tickets at the door found it incredibly easy to do so. Velocity Access’s user-friendly platform allowed attendees to log back in and make their purchases right at the front door entrance, ensuring that no one missed out on the festive tunes.

One of the key reasons for the event’s success was the venue itself. Mathew Braidley Pianos’ private and intimate piano hall provided the perfect setting for Jon Cheney’s performance. The synergy between the venue and Velocity Access’s Self Service ticketing software was evident throughout the event. Attendees effortlessly accessed their tickets and experienced the magic of the concert without any ticketing hiccups.

Let’s dive into some numbers that highlight the event’s success. With Velocity Access, Mathew Braidley Pianos Presents Concert Series achieved impressive attendance figures. Attendees were not only thrilled by Jon Cheney’s performance but also by the efficiency of the ticketing process. The event was a testament to the power of Velocity Access in managing ticketing operations seamlessly.

“We couldn’t have asked for a smoother event, thanks to Velocity Access,” said Mathew Braidley, the host of the concert series. “Our attendees were delighted by the ease of entry, and Jon Cheney’s performance was made even more magical by the hassle-free ticketing experience. We couldn’t be happier with the results.”

In conclusion, Mathew Braidley Pianos Presents Concert Series with Jon Cheney was a resounding success, and Velocity Access played a pivotal role in making it happen. The combination of a fantastic venue, talented performers, and user-friendly ticketing software created an unforgettable experience for attendees. If you’re looking to host your own event and want to ensure a seamless ticketing process, consider Velocity Access for your ticketing needs.

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