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From ticketing and floor layout to analytics and more, Velocity Access has everything venues need to succeed.

Velocity Access platform provides a range of features to help organizers manage and promote events effectively.

These features include customizable event pages to showcase the event, ticketing and registration tools, email marketing and communication tools, social media integration, analytics and reporting tools, mobile apps to keep attendees informed, and networking and engagement tools to facilitate interaction among attendees. By using these tools, event organizers can create a successful event that meets attendees’ needs and generates positive feedback.

Venue Management Features

Management Hub

A command center that enables you to manage all aspects of your venues in one place. Use an all-in-one calendar to have a clear overview of all upcoming events. 

Event Scheduling

Create and manage events, including scheduling dates, times, and locations. Easily assign staff members to specific events and manage conflicts between events.

Online Booking

Allow customers to book events online, with real-time availability and pricing information. Includes the ability to accept payments and generate invoices.

Ticketing Management

Allows you to create seating charts for events, including assigning seats or tables to specific guests. Have access to seating arrangements at all times, allowing for adjustments as needed.

Attraction Management

Manage all aspects for attractions available in your venue. Set additional ticketing requirements, gated access, add and control reservation times, and staff scheduling.

Staff Management

Manage all staff members, including scheduling, payroll, and performance tracking. Gain access to tools for assigning roles and responsibilities.

Equipment Management

Manage equipment used for events, including inventory tracking and maintenance schedules. Facilitate rental process

Gated Access

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Reporting & Analytics

Generate detailed reports on sales, attendance, and other metrics related to events in your venues. Track customer behavior and preferences for conscious improvements.


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Perfect For

1. Event venues: Venues such as conference centers, stadiums, and convention centers can use an ERP system to manage event schedules, booking and reservations, catering and hospitality services, and staff management.

2. Performing arts centers: Venues such as theaters, concert halls, and opera houses can use an ERP system to manage event schedules, ticket sales, artist management, and production management.

3. Sports facilities: Sports facilities such as stadiums and arenas can use an ERP system to manage event schedules, ticket sales, athlete management, and facility management.

4. Event planners: Event planning companies can use an ERP system to manage the logistics of planning and executing events, including vendor management, budgeting, and marketing.

5. Catering and hospitality companies: Companies that provide catering and hospitality services for events can use an ERP system to manage orders, menus, staffing, and logistics.

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