Sticky Ticketing

Event ticketing built for the fan experience

From ticketing and floor layout to analytics and more, Velocity Access has everything venues need to succeed.

How it Works

Getting started is easy and takes minutes not months.

1. Configure

  • Create event
  • Define event details
  • Define ticket attributes
  • Add your artwork

2. Add

  • Connect Stripe
  • Add the digital profile
  • Add tickets to your store
  • Add rewards and points

3. Manage

  • Share your event
  • Get paid right away
  • Redeem tickets with the app
  • Reward fans

Control the fan experience with safe, secure, and verifiable Sticky Tickets from Velocity.

Why Sticky Tickets

Whether you are looking to enhance your fan’s experience or to have more control over your event ticketing, Sticky Tickets unleashes new capabilities that are not possible with traditional ticketing systems.

Measurable Marketing

Enable marketing to deliver effective and measurable campaigns around your events.

Fan Engagement

Airdrop and interact with fans through your own digital profile for easy and automated redemption.

Increase Revenue

Track and capture secondary market transactions.

Data & Insights

Collect real-time data and fan behaviors with custom reporting.

Full Control

Eliminate ticket scalping, ticketing fraud, and price gouging.

Digital Collectibles

Turn your tickets into digital collectibles that live beyond the event.

Virtual & Real-Life Event Ticketing

Single & Multi-Day Event Tickets

Combine Parking, Access, & Rewards Into a Single Ticket

What can it do?

Sticky Tickets are your ticketing solution that enables easy ticket management with robust redemption pathways. With Velocity Network’s digital profile, you can keep customers on your website and offer tickets at any price with flexible redemption offerings.

Virtual & In-Person

Easily manage event ticketing to virtual and in-person events with redemption enabled ticketing.

Free or Paid Events

Set up easy to manage tickets for free events and free tickets with optional paid upgrades.

Ticket Redemption App

Seamless event access with QR code scanning from any mobile device.

Branding Control

Keep customers in your ecosystem by adding directly to your existing website with complete branding control.

Recurring Tickets

Configure tickets for multiple days, breakout rooms, sub-events, or even subscriptions.

Direct Messaging

Keep your fans up-to-date and engaged with automated SMS alerts easily setup and managed behind the tickets.

Get Paid Fast

Connect to your payment system or use ours to get paid fast.

Marketing Integrations

We sit on top of your website and easily integrate with your CRM, automation, and reporting tools.

Real-Time Analytics

Robust data capture and templated reports for quick and on-demand reporting.

It’s easy! Once the wallet is setup and added to your site, upload the image or artwork, configure the smart contract through the Velocity portal, and you’re done!

The transaction fee from Velocity is lower than the industry average and very competitive. The credit card fees vary depending on the provider selected.

Our ticketing solution sits right on top of your existing website so you can control the fan experience without them leaving your ecosystem.

Yes! Recurring and multi-event tickets are perfect for Sticky Tickets.