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Resort Management Features

Reservation Management

Manage all reservations, check-ins, walk-ins, checkout, group reservations and other basic operations easily.

Accomodation Management

Keep track of all current and upcoming accommodations and make updates to rates, room status, and more.

Guest Management

Easily set up and edit guest profiles for individuals, groups, companies, including personal information, past stay history, and preferences.


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Amenities Management

Manage all amenity facilities operations, control staff schedules, as well as guest reservations and billing.

Attractions Management

Manage all attractions available in your resort. Set additional ticketing requirements, gated access, add and control reservation times, and staff scheduling.

Loyalty Program

Create a loyalty program to reward repeat guests with points, discounts, and other incentives.

POS Integration

Integrate with a point-of-sale system, which can be used to manage transactions for restaurants, shops, and other amenities.

Billing & Invoicing

Manage guest billing and invoicing, including the ability to generate bills, accept payments, and manage refunds.

Accounting & Reporting

Comprehensively manage all finances, generate detailed reports, and gain insights into key performance metrics, allowing you to better evaluate business decisions.


Send automated emails and text messages to customers and staff, facilitating communication and increasing efficiency.

Housekeeping & Maintenance

Manage housekeeping schedules and maintenance requests, including cleaning and maintenance staff, schedules, and room inspections.

Perfect For

1. Resorts and hotels: These businesses can use an ERP system to manage their operations, including reservations, housekeeping, accounting, inventory management, and guest relations.

2. Vacation rental property management companies: Companies that manage vacation rental properties can use an ERP system to streamline their operations, including online booking, maintenance requests, and payment processing.

3. Timeshare management companies: Timeshare companies can use an ERP system to manage their inventory, reservations, owner relations, and accounting.

4. Property developers: Property developers can use an ERP system to manage the development and construction of new resorts or properties.

5. Tour operators: Tour operators can use an ERP system to manage their tour packages, bookings, and customer relations.

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