Gated Access

Modular content gating system to monetize premium content right on your site.

Velocity Gate, a website add-on, simplifies gated content and access using a user’s digital profile. With Velocity’s utility layer, managing experiences and content behind digital assets becomes effortless.

How it Works

Getting started is easy and takes minutes not months.

1. Configure

  • Create event
  • Define event details
  • Define ticket attributes
  • Add your artwork

2. Add

  • Connect Stripe
  • Add the digital profile
  • Add tickets to your store
  • Add rewards and points

3. Sell

  • Share your event
  • Get paid right away
  • Redeem tickets with the app
  • Reward fans

Scale your brand with a dynamic and tailored fan experience with Velocity Gated Content Access.

Why Gated Access

Using Velocity’s digital profile and gating system, charge for premium content or offer custom user experiences. Secure premium content and experiences behind a dynamic paywall managed by digital assets within the profile for a tailored and dynamic user experience.


Set up purchase or subscription based access to content.

Full Control

Easily adjust and control access per digital asset.

Digital Collectibles

Airdrop or sell digital assets with credit cards.

Manage user access through Digital Assets

Site, page, and content-based access

Configurable access through specific criteria or digital assets

What can it do?

Velocity’s gated content and access system enables brands and creators to not just monetize premium content but to create a unique destination. Most paywall systems are limited in capabilities and have binary logic. With Velocity, you can provide access based on digital assets, point systems, Proof of Attendance, or any combination of criteria you wish, for a truly unique experience and offering.


Monetize your brand, content, and community with ease.

Access Controls

Easy and flexible controls to define the type and level of access per digital asset, community score, and more.

Dynamic Lodging

Craft a truly unique destination by setting access based on a combination, time of day, location, and more.

Direct Messaging

Keep your fans up-to-date and engaged with automated SMS alerts and messaging.

Points & Loyalty

Gamify the community experience while quantifying user loyalty and expanding on user personas.


We sit on top of your website and easily integrate with your CRM, automation, and reporting tools.

Payment Management

Connect your favorite or existing payment management system for easy payment management.

Developer Friendly

Developers have complete control over branding, experience, and access controls.

Real-Time Analytics

Robust data capture and templated reports for quick and on-demand reporting.

The Velocity digital profile is essentially an account that stores user information, digital assets, points and rewards, and anything else you want to add.

Anything you want! Exclusive videos, pictures, discussion threads, additional web pages, links, or much more. Anything that can be added to your website can be unlocked with a digital assets. You can even use a combination of digital assets, time base access, and even make it location based in addition to the digital asset.

There are several technologies that are used to provide and approve access. The wallet that stores the digital assets, the assets themselves, and the token they carry. The Velocity Network utility engine will then communicate with the website that receives the token and provides the gated content.

The Velocity Network utility engine can read the assets that live in the digital profile to serve up content and access based on the contents of the user's wallet. As the wallet contents evolve, so can the user experience so that it remains relevant and engaging.

Yes! When setting up the digital assets, you will be able to configure the terms of the smart contract which can be free, for purchase, or setup on a recurring subscription.