All the right tools to manage and grow your brand’s community

Velocity Community Management allows brands, influencers, and more to grow and monetize their communities by deploying lightweight tools that create engagement and sustained community growth.

How it works

Getting started is easy and takes minutes not months.

1. Integrate
  • Integrate Velocity Network
  • Add the digital profile
  • Connect the payment app
2. Configure
  • Discussion threads
  • Profile characteristics
  • Point systems
  • Access controls
3. Manage
  • Automated rewards and access
  • Facilitate transactions
  • Social boards
  • Automated engagement

Power your community with Velocity Access’ suite of tools to enhance the fan experience while growing and monetizing your community with ease.

Why Community Management

A great community allows members to connect with like minded people and provides a destination for collaboration, communication, resources, and entertainment. Velocity’s community management system is an innovative technology approach that is “minimally invasive” and seamlessly integrates within your existing digital assets. The result is simpler, faster and far more reliable brand experiences for your customers.

Web 2.5 Profile       
Easily deploy a white-label digital profile for asset and ticket storage.
Utility Engine
Offer digital assets with easily definable utility and access.
Automated point and loyalty system to reward fans for the behaviors that matter most.
Easy On-Ramp
Enable purchasing, selling, and trading of assets with a credit card.
Social Engagement
Incorporate familiar social behaviors that encourage members to easily engage with one another.
Gating & Access
Allow points or digital assets to be used to redeem access, tickets, or other utility.

Accelerate engagement with social mechanics that foster community participation and growth.

Facilitate community growth and engagement with dynamic experiences based on the content of the users’ profiles.

Create or grow your community with Velocity Access Sticky Tickets

Accelerate engagement with social mechanics that foster engagement

Facilitate community growth and engagement with dynamic experiences based on the wallet contents

What can it do?

Velocity’s gated content and access system enables brands and creators to not just monetize premium content, but to create a unique destination. Most paywall systems are limited in capabilities and have binary logic. With Velocity, you can provide access based on any digital ticket, point systems, Proof of Attendance, or any combination of criteria you wish. Then the Velocity Access network links these experiences, redemptions, events, and even other network users within your brand strategy in what we call Sticky Tickets.

Monetize your brand, content, and community with ease.
Quantify and grow engagement through apps, tools, and systems to foster community engagement.
Marketing Integrations
We sit on top of your website and easily integrate with your CRM, automation, and reporting tools.
1:1 Marketing
Build relationships, personalize interactions, and build loyalty.
Points & Loyalty
Gamify the community experience while quantifying user loyalty and expanding on user personas.
Social Mechanics
Integrated social mechanics so fans can like, share, and create discussion threads.
Direct Messaging
Keep your fans up-to-date and engaged with automated SMS alerts and messaging.
Developer Friendly
Developers have complete control over branding, experience, and access controls.
Real-Time Analytics
Robust data capture and templated reports for quick and on-demand reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can incorporate behaviors like “like,” “share,” and “comment” to foster an engaging community experience. You can even create social boards to view multiple social channels in a single view.

We look at communities as a collection of like minded people that share common interests. There are a few pillars of a community that includes payment, media, and social. That means within a social community, there are items to buy and sell, there are images, videos, music, etc., and the people can socialize while online or in person.

Anything you’d like to offer! Points are typically used to quantify the customers loyalty, create a user persona, and to gamify the experience. Users can be grouped into categories of other similar levels or tiers to facility engagement, these points can be used as discounts on merchandise, access, or anything else.